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Our T.E.A.M. staff can provide various administrative support services to ensure your event runs seamlessly. You can take advantage of these services for all of your events, or on an as-needed basis.

Show Service Coordination

Let us save you time and money at your next event by taking advantage of our show service coordination.  Our staff is knowledgeable about the services, deadlines and supporting documents required.

Some Services we provide:

  • Completion of all general contractor forms
  • Provide electrical, rigging and other diagrams
  • Submit approval to the the general contractor or show management for booth layout, rigging or electrical
  • Coordinate special request such as target date changes, extending height regulations or use of outside contractors

I&D Coordination

We have established strong strategic partnerships with various labor organizations to ensure the I&D for your next event goes smoothly.  We do not require a member of your team to be present at any point during the service - just show up and your are ready to go!

Domestic & International Logistics

We only use carriers familiar with trade show logistics.  When exhibiting internationally, we partner with experienced, global logistic companies to take care of the transport and documents.

Our team is knowledgeable about transporting all types of containers from basic boxes, skids and crates to heavy machinery.  We can also provide local transportation services in the St. Louis area.

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